# The playback is very slow

Once Node Video has created the RAM preview, you'll usually get real-time performance on a second play-through.

How to improve preview speed

  • High resolution videos(>=4K) will hurt the preview speed
  • High bitrate videos(>=40000 kb/s) will also hurt the preview speed
  • You can use "Prefetch" to boost the previewing speed. Please refer to Use Prefetch to Edit Fast
  • Recommend FPS not to exceed 30

Check if advanced features are used

  • Optical flow will hurt the Previewing & Exporting speed greatly
  • Too many effects will also reduce the preview speed
  • Time remapping that have reverse playback will also be very lagging

# Crash

Most crashes are caused by insufficient memory. We will keep optimizing this problem.


  • Try replace the high resolution videos in your project with lower ones
  • Try reduce your export resolution.
  • Try reduce the overlapped layer count

Be care of the **Optical Flow**

This feature is the killer feature of NodeVideo but it does not support on most of the devices and causes crash!

# There are Loss of Video Quality after Export

Please refer to Improving Video Export Quality

# I can't open my project

Please export the project as a .zip file and send it to contact@nodevideo.com. We will fix and solve the problem for you.

# I can't import video

Please send this video to contact@nodevideo.com to help us solve the problem. You can also try to export the video with other apps and try again.

# No sound when playing video

Please make sure the mute switch is off and the volume is turned up on your device.

# Only a single layer can be previewed

Please change the Preview Render Mode to All Layers in the project setting.

# Optical flow not working(crash, noise, etc.)

It is most likely your device does not support it. We'll continue to work hard on this feature.

# How to lock the landscape & portrait mode

Please lock your device orientation.

Contact Us

Feel free to send a mail to contact@nodevideo if you have any question. We are glad to help.

Last Updated:  2/2/2021, 8:42:36 PM