# Optical Flow

For most videos, use the default Normal quality is enough. If you have special requirements for quality, please refer to the parameters below.

# Quality

The higher the quality, the higher resolution you get, but it will also consume more time.

# Preview

After opening the preview, you can see the optical flow effect without exporting, but it will cause lags.

# Pro Mode


Pro Mode can get good result in some scenarios, but it takes longer time.

# Force Continuous

  1. Image1 Force Continuous On
  2. Image2 Force Continuous Off

Useful for fast moving object and motion blur.

# Edge Denoise

  1. Image1 Edge Denoise Off
  2. Image2 Edge Denoise On

# Remove Duplicate

If there are repeated frames in the video, the result will be choppy. After turning on this option, repeated frames can be automatically removed to keep the result smooth.

Last Updated:  2/11/2022, 11:30:23 PM